We are a small London firm, working for small businesses

We believe that small businesses need outstanding professional support from their accountants.

We often hear from new clients that they only spoke to their previous accountants once a year, sometimes never, all communications were only by email.  We believe that a premium low cost service can still be delivered.  Accountants should provide their clients much more than just completing and filing accounts and tax returns.  Our ethos is to offer our clients insights in all kinds of business-critical areas, from working out cash flow to generating management reports and advising on sources of finance.

If our clients experience cash flow problems or sales decline, we can assist in improving business growth strategy and identifying critical factors which would make a difference to the bottom line.  We can also assist Limited Companies experiencing difficulty by providing business recovery plan of action which will protect the business and if necessary resurrect the business allowing it to continue legally.

We strongly believe that all small businesses should be given this level of support as part of their flat fee, without being hit with huge additional bills.

Our fixed-fee Small Business Accounting Service we provide just this kind of service:

  • Helping you stay on top of your bookkeeping and admin
  • Protecting you, by keeping you compliant
  • Helping you grow your business, by giving you access to the services and personal advice which makes all the difference.

And with fees starting from just £100 per month, you will have access to one-to-one advice from a qualified Chartered Accountant and Tax Experts with wide industry sector experience, whenever you need it.

We are passionate about small business.


Charles Alexander & Co. is a trading name of Charles Alexander & Co. Limited, a company registered in England & Wales, registration number: 9042863.